Brother TZe tape information - questions & answered

Brother TZE tape informationThe TZe - Same great label but now with new environmental-friendly packaging!  The transition from the old TZ tapes to the new TZe packaging was completed in 2011 and during the first few months customers ordering multiple tapes could have received both the new and old packaging when their orders are filled.

Are Brother TZe Tapes and Labels RoHS Compliant?  Yes, all in fact all TZ, TZE, DK Tapes, and DK Labels manufactured after January 1, 2006 are RoHS compliant.

What is Brother's new TZe tape?  They are the same durable TZ labels you're accustomed to but now with new packaging that features:

  • Eco-friendly - using 80% less plastic than before!
  • Reduced Plastic - Cassette plastic weight reduced by at least 13%
  • Recycled Content - Cassette contains at lest 5% recycled material

What is the "e" in TZe? The "e" in TZe stands for environmental and simply means it's in the new eco-friendly packaging.

Are all the tape series changing? No, at this time Brother has only changed the most popular TZ tape series.

What are the new part numbers going to be?  The part numbers will all be very similar to old ones - just with an "e" following TZ, i.e., TZe231 (Was TZ231).

Will the new packaging be available immediately?  The transition from the old to new packaging started on 2/8 and is going to take a few months before it's complete.  During the transition period, customers ordering multiple tapes could receive both the new and old packaging when their orders are filled.  However, our staff will do there best to keep the same tape types together to avoid confusion when opened.

Do I need to do anything different when ordering?  No, our tapes guides will be updated and we'll automatically fill your order with the new eco-friendly tapes when available.

Will the prices change?  We've been told that a price increase is coming but as a discount online retailer--we're going to do our best to keep prices the same.  The fact that removing so much plastic makes the tapes lighter will help us keep prices low because shipping costs will be reduced.

What do we think?  We love the new sleek packaging and applaud Brother for the removal of so much plastic.  We do our best at to be eco-friendly by shipping tapes and printers in 100% recycled envelopes and boxes whenever possible. 

These tapes features an exclusive laminated tape process and standard adhesive. Perfect for everyday applications. These labels stay on under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hot and cold environments. Best suited for smooth flat surfaces.